I believe that everything in this universe is vibrating and that music is the perfect medium for experiencing this truth. Musical tones are experienced by us as vibrations that correspond to the various levels of our beings; physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, with each level receiving and responding to vibrations which correspond to its own nature. As a composer who approaches music experientially and who has devoted endless hours improvising music at the piano I have gradually evolved a consciousness concerning the effects of tones upon human beings.

Through years of teaching music improvisation at the University of California, Berkeley, I have been able to discern how music relates and reflects the various aspects of consciousness, love (emotion) and being, and how music (among its various other possibilities) can elevate and lead one to an experience of the Higher Self.

I feel this basic principle permeates all my music. In a way it partly (but certainly not completely) explains why I’ve composed music in three disparate, distinct “styles;” i. e. Classical, Jazz and Jewish. It’s not as though each style completely represents one of the above “levels.” That would be far from the truth. But each style contains certain distinguishable characteristics on each level which are not as frequently found in the other styles. One of many examples is the subtle stylistic differences on the “emotional” level. For example, the expression of anguish or suffering is quite different from style to style. In the blues style we hear a certain “humor” and fateful “acceptance.” In the Hebraic (liturgical) style we hear heart rending sounds of “supplication.” Among the many exemplifications of anguish in the Classical style I can think of two; the soulful cry of anguish at the beginning of the third movement of Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony and the beautiful, sorrowful Adagio composed by Albonini. I leave it to the listener to distinguish exactly how these are different from blues or from the Hebraic cantorial style.

"Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Let your soul delight.” (Isaiah: LV. 1,2. )